Send and Receive Money the Easy Way!

With Popmoney, we've taken our member-to-member transfers a step further, allowing you to send and receive money to or from just about anyone, regardless of their financial instituion. Easily and securely pay the babysitter or your landscaper, let friends pay you back for dinner, or collect your roommate's share of the rent, all online!

How does Popmoney work?

Sending Money

  • To send money, log in to your online banking account, click on the Bill Pay Tab and look for Popmoney.
  • Send money to anyone using their email address or account information.
  • You will be notified when the transaction is completed.

Receiving Money

  • When someone sends money to you, you will receive an email or text message.
  • If your financial institution offers Popmoney, you can log in to your account and direct the funds there. If your financial institution does not offer Popmoney, you can provide your account information at, and your money will be sent to that account.
  • If you do not provide your account information, the payment will be automatically returned to the sender's account.
  • Money sent directly to an account will be automatically deposited. No action is required by the recipient.