On October 10, 2016, Minnco had its first Minnco Day of Kindness. Employees spent that day handing out cards, cash and Minnco branded gifts to random strangers in the hope of spreading kindness throughout the community.  The next few years we built up the program, extending it to a week of kindness and creating what we called Minnco Moments.  In 2019, it was decided that Minnco didn't want to spend one day or one week spreading kindness in our communities - that we wanted to spend the whole year creating Minnco Moments for those around us!  This page is for us to share what we are doing to spread kindness in the communities we serve.
Isanti County
Big Lake, MN
Isanti County

The Isanti office recently made a $500 donation to the Isanti County Lions to help them with their Isanti County Christmas Project.  For many years, the Isanti County Lions have coordinated this county-wide project; soliciting and recruiting gifts, food, and money from people, groups and businesses in Isanti County and then distributing the donated items to needy individuals and families that are referred to them from many sources within Isanti County.

The Big Lake office, partnering with the Minnco Foundation, recently made a donation of $1000 to the Big Lake Elementary Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO).  $500 went to Liberty Elementary for clothing for the kids (boots, gloves, hats, snow pants, etc.) and $500 went to Independence Elementary Stem for school supplies for the kids (binders, notebooks, pencils, earbuds, etc.).  

The Isanti office has committed to taking turns volunteering their time at the Cambridge Surplus Food Distribution (CSFD)every 3rd Tuesday of the month!

CSFD aims to end hunger in our community, by distributing surplus food, such as over stocked, close-dated or bulk items to individuals and families who are in crisis or who's income does not exceed federal poverty guidelines. CSFD is run strictly on monetary donations, helping families in need of food.  

Distributions is held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Isanti County Fairgrounds.

To find out more about Isanti County Lions and the Isanti County Christmas Project: https://e-clubhouse.org/sites/isanti/projects.php 

To find out more information about CSFD:

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To find out more information about CSFD:

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Isanti County
Blaine, MN
Cambridge, MN

The Isanti office recently made a $200 donation to the Isanti County Beyond the Yellow Ribbon.  

The mission of Beyond the Yellow Ribbon is to support Isanti County's military service members, veterans, and their families by coordinating services and resources available to them.

The Andover branch was honored to donate $500 worth of cleaning supplies including hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray, paper towels and tissues, in addition to 6 fleece blankets that the staff made for the Alexandra House.

The mission of the Alexandra House is to empower victims of domestic and sexual violence, and inspire social change, through education, support, and advocacy.

Staff in our Cambridge office have volunteered to start delivering meals to area seniors. The staff will take turns delivering meals every Thursday to seniors in Cambridge, Stanchfield and Isanti. Thursday, November 5 was their first day of delivering meals for SAC's!

The mission of the SAC's Enrichment Center is to provide seniors in Isanti County with resources in which topical information on senior issues, nutritional, recreational and minor medical needs are met for our senior population age 55 and over.  As a direct result of COVID-19, they have been unable to provide restaurant dining and social activities and started to offer a take-out or delivery service for senior Monday through Thursdays.

To find out more about the Isanti County Beyond the Yellow Ribbon:

To find out more about the Alexandra House: https://www.alexandrahouse.org/ 

To find out more about the Senior Enrichment Center: https://www.ci.cambridge.mn.us/amenities-fun/senior-center 


Cambridge, MN
Big Lake, MN
Cambridge, MN
Every Wednesday during the month of October, our Cambridge Cub Foods office employees have spent 90 minutes volunteering at the Shalom Thrift Shop in Cambridge, MN, assisting in their back room or wherever else they might need help. The Shalom Thrift Shop has been in the community since 1981.  It is operated entirely by volunteers so that it can give proceeds back to the community.  Their mission is to help Isanti County residents in need of food, shelter and clothing.   Seven Minnco employees, including the staff of the Big Lake office, recently spent a day repainting a warming house in need of some TLC. According to Big Lake Branch Manager, Yvonne Blum, Corrie Scott, the Big Lake Recreation Coordinator, had suggested the project to Yvonne after she asked about possible volunteer opportunities. Yvonne states that next year the team hopes to improve the panels around the ice rink. Black Dog Hill Shelter is accessible 24 hrs. a day, providing safe, emergency housing and support for victims of domestic abuse and their children.  For the month of October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Minnco's Cambridge Office is collecting personal care items, cash or gently used clothing.  Some items in need are: hair conditioner, toothpaste, hair ties, hair brushes, deodorant, diapers, along with winter clothing.

Shalom Thrift Shop
1515 1st Ave E
Cambridge, MN 55008
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To find out more about Black Dog Hill and Domestic Violence Awareness Month:

North Branch, MN
Big Lake, MN
Cambridge, MN
Viking Vittles started in 2019 with the idea to help families in the North Branch School District that are food insecure by starting a weekend food backpack program. Along with their $500 donation, North Branch employees will be volunteering during the month of October delivering totes that are filled with bags of food to the elementary school and the education center.    Serenity set a goal of raising $5,000 for a family in Big Lake. Our Big Lake employees found out she was still short of her goal and decided to help her reach her goal. On October 5, the Big Lake office presented Serenity with $600, the exact amount she was short!
Minnco offered free parking and our employees helped direct traffic for the Veterans Memorial Park Dedication Ceremony on October 9, 2020. Employees also handed out flags to those in attendance.

To find out more about Viking Vittles:
To find out more about Serenity's Cause: https://www.facebook.com/Serenitys-Cause-653194965180861 
To find out more about Veterans Memorial Park: 
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