Quicken® and Quickbooks® Conversion Instructions:

Minnco Credit Union is introducing a new online banking product on April 2, 2019, as part of its Enhancement project. To ensure a smooth transition, you will need to perform a final download of transactions by 5:00 pm on March 29, and complete an account deactivation and reactivation process on or after April 2, 2019

In the past, Minnco has only offered Web Connect.  Web Connect is, simply put, a way you can download your transactions directly from Minnco's website and import them into Quicken.  

With the Express Web Connect and Direct Connect methods, Quicken communicates directly with Minnco on your behalf.  You don't have to sign into Minnco's website and manually download transactions - Quicken does this for you.  With Direct Connect, Quicken can even talk back (for bill pay, money transfers, etc.).

Please note:
 If you have any issues after completing this process, please refer to the troubleshooting guide that can also be found below.

How do you
currently connect?
How would you like to connect in the future? Quicken® QuickBooks® QuickBooks Online®
Web Connect Web Connect Download Download N/A
Express Web Connect Express Web Connect Download N/A Download
Web Connect Direct Connect Download Download N/A