Making payments to your old Visa/new Mastercard is simple. If you mail a payment with the bottom portion of your statement, continue to do so; if you make your payment at a Minnco office, we'll apply the funds to your balance, which now appears on your Mastercard account; if you pay with ePay, the payment will continue to be sent to Minnco at the same PO address.

If you pay your bill via or within online banking: log in to your account via eBranch; go to the Account Access tab, select Loan Accounts, click on your Mastercard credit card (card must be activated first). This opens up mycardinfo where you can make a payment to your new Mastercard. Note: your Mastercard balance includes any balance you had on your Visa card. Your Visa activity will also show up under your new Mastercard information.

The move from Visa to Mastercard continues this Fall!

With the successful implementation of the Mastercard CREDIT cards almost complete, our attention turns toward DEBIT cards. We expect the Mastercard Debit cards to be shipped to Minnco cardholders around mid-November.  Please be on the lookout for this mailing as it will contain your new Minnco DEBIT card. Your new card will have the Mastercard red and orange logo in the upper left. A few days after your new card arrives, a mailer with your new PIN will be delivered. Follow the instructions for activating your new card, destroying your old one, and updating any merchants you've set up for auto payments.