July 23, 2018 – Minnco MasterCard credit card will be mailed out

  • The new credit card will have a new number
  • Activate your new MasterCard credit card before August 23, 2018 and receive a $10 statement credit
  • Be sure to update your VISA credit card recurring or automatic payments to the new MasterCard credit card number (Don't forget those bills that are not monthly but quarterly or annual)
  • Register your new MasterCard credit card at; set up Smart Controls

August 23, 2018 – Your Minnco VISA credit card will no longer work

Whether your credit card payment is mailed to VISA or MasterCard your account will be credited because the mailing address is the same. The processor is the same.

Any new purchases made with your Minnco MasterCard credit card will have a new introductory rate of 6.9%! This rate is good on all purchases through 12/31/2018. Repayment at promotional rate through 6/30/2019. Remaining balance if any will adjust to regular APR.

Your new Minnco MasterCard credit card comes with all the benefits VISA had, if not more! Details on all the benefits will be sent to cardholders prior to the mailing of the new cards. 

This information is only regarding the credit card flip. Debit card flip will take place early September 2018.