Welcome! You’re here because you read about, heard about or watched a video about our upcoming “Enhancements.” If, by chance, you simply stumbled upon this page, that’s okay, too. Because if you’re a member of Minnco Credit Union, this page will be extremely helpful to you over the next couple of months. We suggest you bookmark it.

 So, what’s this Enhancement I’ve been hearing about?

Minnco has operated on the same computer processing system since 1995. Obviously, we’ve made upgrades over the past two decades to ensure the system could adequately serve our growing credit union, but we’ve reached the end of its usefulness. Over the past two years we researched a number of systems used by the top credit unions in the country. We developed a list of “must haves” and “would be nice to haves” to rate how each one would fit our criteria. Once we narrowed the list down, each company was brought in to demonstrate their system to a large group of employees from diverse areas of the credit union. Without boring you further, the point we want to make is we put hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into selecting the right processing system. It had to meet three objectives: dependability, flexibility and compatibility. We’ll touch on these points at a latter date.

We encourage you to visit this page frequently to learn more about the Enhancements, what areas will be affected, what improvements you can expect, what dates you need to pay attention to, etc. We’re excited for the upcoming change, while also recognizing that change can sometimes be difficult. Our goal is to give you as much information as possible ahead of time so that when we re-open our doors after April 1—as well as reconnect with you online—you’ll be comfortable transacting your credit union business.