Welcome to Minnco's Financial Learning Center!

At Minnco Credit Union, we want our members to be knowledgeable about finances. To help you become more financially savvy, check out this free, fun and educational program that will provide you with information on a number of financial topics.

This service is free and can be accessed by both members and non-members. If you would like to become a member, stop by any of our five convenient locations! 



Getting Started 

Mastering the basics of financial literacy

You're full of dreams for your finances, but before you can make them a reality, you have to master the basics of financial literacy. Minnco can help and these modules are a good place to start.

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Protect Yourself
Keeping your money and identity safe

Saving for emergencies and protecting yourself from potentially losing your hard-earned money can be a challenge. Learn what to look for and how to keep your money and your identity safe.
Protect Yourself >

Major Life Decisions
Knowing more can make difficult decisions easier

When faced with important decisions, the more you know the better. These courses will provide the tools to help you make informed choices.
Major Life Decisions >

Financing Your Future
Planning for the next stage in life

How do you prepare your finances for the next stage of your life? Whether you hope to go to college, are trying to understand investments, or planning for retirement...we're here to help.
Financing Your Future >