Minnco Center Community Room
(closing October 31, 2017)
Due to a need for training space and more office space, the Minnco Center Community Room will no longer be available after October 31, 2017.

Questions? Please contact Becky Kastenbauer at 763-552-6100 or by email at bkastenbauer@minnco.com

Andover Meeting Room
The Andover office has a small meeting room available only to non-profit organizations within the community for meetings, seminars and training, free of charge. The room is available seven days a week, subject to prior scheduling. Request forms are available below.

The Andover meeting room can accommodate 12 people around the conference table with room for an additional 5 chairs along the walls. Amenities include: CD Player, DVD Player, VHS Player, LCD Projector, and Screen.

Fax completed requests for Andover to: